I enjoy the occasional football game.

Even if the team I 'support' does lose to their rivals 10-54.
I don't care ENOUGH about college football to let it bring me down. 

I do, however, care about this little guy --->

Cosmo has become my recent obsession. The
one night I spent with him was glorious. He
slept on my chest while a group of us watched
Billy Madison, which was quite enjoyable.

He lives at the LAX house and I don't 
go there enough to be a real
influence in his life...

but what he did make me realize was 
how much I missed this girl --->

Figaro is my kitty back at home. 
I have had her for 5 years and have loved her every day in between.
I miss her immensely and wish I could have her here with me in Provo.

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