I enjoy the occasional football game.

Even if the team I 'support' does lose to their rivals 10-54.
I don't care ENOUGH about college football to let it bring me down. 

I do, however, care about this little guy --->

Cosmo has become my recent obsession. The
one night I spent with him was glorious. He
slept on my chest while a group of us watched
Billy Madison, which was quite enjoyable.

He lives at the LAX house and I don't 
go there enough to be a real
influence in his life...

but what he did make me realize was 
how much I missed this girl --->

Figaro is my kitty back at home. 
I have had her for 5 years and have loved her every day in between.
I miss her immensely and wish I could have her here with me in Provo.



A lot has gone on in the past few months in which I have not documented.
Here is what happened...

A week at and in Bear Lake

Dance parties in parking lots

Summer Jams

Finally riding on the tiger on Midland

Admitting I have a floral obsession

The ro-day-o

Mother and Dad coming home

Sid boycotting me moving out

Living with the greatest girls in the world



Sleeping in

Baseball games

Cherry picking

                                                           Chalk drawings
and little girls

Beautiful hikes

All sorts of ADVENTURES






Who knows what can happen next!



From the lowest spot on the Earth
covered with mud

To JC reunions in Vegas

To spending quality time with the fam
in ol' Farr West

Boy, it is good to be home


Time Warp

I came forward in time and have lived 4 spectacular months here.

Now it is time to go back in time to my hometown.

From the Middle East to the Farr West.



Squeaky Clean

I took three showers yesterday.

I'll probably take another one today too.

Who knew I could be so clean.


A Pleasant Surprise

I'm not one to toot my own horn


to me!

Today was one of those birthdays that I will never forget.

I spent my 19th birthday in the city of Jerusalem.
Took two final exams in the morning.
Listened to 'Happy Birthday' a dozen times before 12 o'clock.
Did a little service for the people of the city.

Got out of the building after three days of studying with some of the best people I know.
Today was a day all for celebration!

The students ended the day with a trip to the Western Wall, one of my favorite places in the entire city.

Coming home to the Jerusalem Center, I went and called my Mother...
for my birthday.


I had a pleasant surprise while I was talking to her.

My adorable niece, Mabey Ann, wished me a happy birthday over the phone.

This almost brought me to tears.
She is the cutest, blondest, and most thoughtful six year old I have ever known.

And I am proud to call her my own.

It was a wonderful way to end a spectacular day.

Thank you ALL!